In Ukraine there are 24 regions and all of them are various. Female citizens of Western Ukraine are economic and housewifely, women from the East are more emancipated and active. In Western cities women are more religious while in eastern cities this doesn’t make such sense for them.

Ukraine by its territory is comparable with Germany and France. Many cities, villages, regions are different in their lifestyle, traditions and mentality. A situation is the same as in America and big European countries: one region is quite different from the other in cultural traditions and level of economic development. For a man to get acquainted with girls from other regions and understand whose character fits him better, our agency has opened branches in various cities: on the East, in the center, on the West.

. Kharkov agency is a part of the big network. In all branches there are similar services and conditions, but the networking principle lets cover as many girls from all parts of Ukraine as possible. It’s comfortable for a client, he sees the differences between girls and it’s easier for him to make his choice. Our association of dating services is created with the aim of uniting as many destinies and people as possible, give a man as much information about Ukraine. Our competence and experience will help you in creating a family with a woman from Kharkov or other city of Ukraine and forget their loneliness forever.

We’ll be happy to see you in one of our branches:

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