Long ago Kharkov used to be the capital of Ukraine. It made an impact on the city. It’s full of monumental architecture, beautiful sculptures and original ideas. In the city center everywhere you’ll come across architecture, monuments of culture, interesting fountains or museums. The most interesting places in Kharkov are:
- Square of Freedom (one of the biggest in Europe)
- Botanic garden;
- Sarzhin Ravine (you can look at it from the city ropeway);
- Kharkov national theatre of opera and ballet;
- Eifel Tower (a small copy of a real one).

Kharkov is a student city, a special Ukrainian Cambridge. Here is a great number of institutes, universities, academies, conservatories. It’s the city of well-educated, smart and energetic people. Life is active here at any time of the year.

Kharkov is the furthest Ukrainian city from the European border. It is separated from the western Ukraine with 1000 km. However, there is no problem in getting to the city. It’s a big railway and automobile center with an international airport. You can come here from Kiev in 5 hours on your car or on a bullet train.

Kharkov is the second biggest city of Ukraine. Here come many tourists, that’s why a network of restaurants, hotels or entertainment centers is well-developed in the city. To take a n apartment for rent, find a flat here is not a problem. And also here is a great chance to get acquainted with a beautiful girl, and your journey to Kharkov will be filled with bright colors.