Some men are wondering what gift will please their beloved. What can you give that she’ll like and bring her genuine joy. Men break their heads, stretching the imagination, and in most cases, try to hide their embarrassment and give flowers or a box of chocolates. Sexy Ukrainian women will, of course, gladly accept these tokens of appreciation, especially if they’re accompanied by good, honest words. But they waited still quite different! So how does a man learn how to please the woman he loves with gifts she wants?

Try to slyly bring it up, as if by accident, what she would like to receive as a gift for different occasions. But, given the lack of men’s truly feminine ability to "beat around the bush", it is unlikely, but it is worth trying. Do not ask the question during the day, as it would look suspicious.

Asking for help would not hurt. Ask around one of her friends or ask her co-workers. But one of the problems of the "weaker sex" is their very pool ability keep secrets. Even if a friend or colleague swears by all the saints she did not tell about what do you think likelihood is that they keep their promise? Hardly a surprise remains a surprise.

Carefully watch your favorite girl. As you are on the street going past shopping departments, see what she pays attention to, and even what arouses her interests. Maybe she’ll accidentally tell you what she wants to have.

Of course, a lot can depend on her habits, preferences, and lifestyle. If your pet is a wonderful homemaker who loves to cook, then a colorfully illustrated book of recipes will be just right. If she cannot imagine life without travel, then take her on a tour of another country (assuming again that it’s within her preferences and your financial capabilities).

In extreme cases you can take on other tactics. Directly and openly ask her, "Honey, I'm already worn out on the question: what do you want? I really want to give you something you’ll like! Please, give me at least hint, "She almost certainly understand it correctly, and react calmly, without resentment, and give you a detailed hint.”